Beverage menu


Caffe Boasi Bar Gran Crema – coffee beans
Caffe Boasi Instantaneo Liofilizzato – instant coffee

8 gRistretto 20 ml25,-CZK
8 gEspresso 35 ml30,-CZK
8 gCappuccino 150 ml35,-CZK
8 gLatte macchiato 350 ml40,-CZK
8 gTurkish coffee22,-CZK
7 gCaffe Instantaneo
instant coffee


0,32 lTea Ronnefeldt LeafCup25,-CZK
English Breakfast 2,2 g
black tea
Earl Grey 2,3 g
flavored black tea
Green Dragon 2,4 g
green tea
Morgentau 2,5 g
flavored green tea
Lemon Fresh BIO 3,2 g
fruit tea
Sweet Berries 3,2 g
strawberry and raspberry flavored fruit blend
Refreshing Mint 1,4 g
mint tea
Wellness BIO 3 g
herbal blend
Bergkräuter BIO 2g
mountain herbs


Chocolate factory Troubelice – chocolate treats hand-made in Czech Republic, using the best ingredients from Ecuador.

Chocolate ‘wheel’ „Pension Jeznik“  5 g
Dark chocolate 75%10,-CZK
Dark chocolate 75% w/ coffee bits11,-CZK
Milk chocolate 51%10,-CZK
Milk chocolate 51% w/ coffee bits11,-CZK
White chocolate 40%10,-CZK
White chocolate 40% w/ coffee bits11,-CZK
White chocolate 40% w/ spirulina10,-CZK
Chocolate bar „Pension Jeznik“ 45 g
Dark chocolate 75%65,-CZK
Dark chocolate 75% w/ coffee bits70,-CZK
Milk chocolate 51%65,-CZK
Milk chocolate 51% w/ coffee bits70,-CZK
White chocolate 40%65,-CZK
White chocolate 40% w/ coffee bits70,-CZK

Non-alcoholic beverages

0,33 lMattoni Grand water
still, lightly carbonated, carbonated
0,25 lBonaqua water
still, lightly carbonated
0,2 lJuice Pago
apple, orange, multivitamin,
pear, cranberry, strawberry
0,25 lSchweppes Tonic25,-CZK
0,33 lFanta25,-CZK
0,33 lKofola Original25,-CZK
0,33 lCoca-Cola
Light, Zero


0,33 lPilsner Urquell bottle25,-CZK
0,33 lRadegast Birell non-alcoholic bottle20,-CZK
0,4 lKingswood hard cider40,-CZK

Wine – white, red and sparkling wines

White and red wines from Moravia, ask for seasonal availability