The surrounding attractions

We invite you to lodge with us and visit a gateway to pristine regions of Jesenik and Albrechtice, including also Osoblaha region with interesting nearby borderlands of Polish Prudnik and Glubczyce. The town of Krnov with its numerous historical monuments, green parks and wooded hills surrounding the city is a popular destination not only to hiking fans and cyclists!

What to see and do in Krnov

The most interesting things in Krnov:

Sacral monuments

  • Pilgrimage Church of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows,
  • Church of St. Martin,
  • Nativity of the Virgin Mary church with a Minorite monastery,
  • Evangelical Church,
  • Church of St. Benedict,
  • Church of the Holy Spirit with a hospital,
  • Jewish synagogue.

Interesting and architecturally valuable buildings of modern architecture

  • Flemmich villa,
  • Chlupacek villa,
  • Larisch villa and factory,
  • theatre,
  • Silesia exhibition hall,
  • Rieger-Kloss factory,
  • Schnürch villa,
  • polyclinic,
  • gym,
  • Shooting House,
  • Hanne Larisch’s weekend house on Jeznik.

View Towers

  • Cvilin observation tower,
  • the City Hall tower,
  • Church of St. Martin church tower,
  • the synagogue tower,
  • and the lookout tower at Vyhlidka.

Parks and trails

  • Smetanovy sady park,
  • Charovsky park,
  • Old hniliste park,
  • Cvilin – hiking trail,
  • Bezrucuv Vrch – hiking trail.

Silesia with no borders

Welcome to Silesia! Picturesque region full of cultural, historical and natural beauties. It is located on the territory of the Czech Republic and Poland. It spreads over three historical regions: Krnov, Prudnik and Glubczyce.

Centuries-old tradition of historical towns, castles, chateaux and unspoiled nature creates unique conditions for rest, cultural and sports activities.


Krnov and its surroundings with beautiful scenery and rugged terrain create cycling paradise with many exciting biking trails both for families with children as well as for advanced cyclists.

Sports activities

For those of you who love active vacations there is wide variety of sport facilities in Krnov – Tennis Hall B3, pool – spa, swimming pool, skate/bike park, airport – Aeroclub Krnov, tennis courts, winter stadium Krystal, shooting range, squash, fitness, climbing wall – more on

We can also recommend some sport amenities nearby Krnov: Wellness Center in Bruntal (25 km from Krnov), golf course in Albrechtice (15 km), and ski areal Vraclavek (16 km) or a water reservoir Slezska Harta (30 km).